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ZEOMEC (Clinoptilolite or shortly clino) is a natural mineral with a very high capacity for ion exchange and retaining water.

  • Storing the fertilizers that are scarcely found in soil that can be easily eroded (especially fertilizers with nitrogen and potassium content), it prevents their being washed over by irrigation.
  • It is an entirely natural material. It does not contain any harmful ingredients..
  • It functions as a carrier and regulator in soil.
  • It provides the green parts of plants to remain even greener and ever fresh.
  • A healthier inflorescence is observed.
  • It helps fruits and vegetables to stay fresher for longer periods and improves their taste qualities.
  • As it protects fertilizers from over-washing, it prevents the soil and water source pollution.
  • It prevents root rots, improves the root structure and increases the number of roots.
  • Owing to all its qualities as such, it is an indispensable component of ORGANIC AGRICULTURE.