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  • Storing the useful nutrients for grass from the soil into its body, it releases them slowly and helps balanced feeding.
  • By retaining the water required for grass for long periods in the soil, it helps to save water.
  • Retaining the water in its body and releasing the water required for grass, it provides grass to have a balanced water regimen and delays drying.
  • It improves the cation exchange capabilities of the soil.
  • It reduces the use of agricultural pesticides.
  • It reduces the removal of the fertilizers and nutrient materials from the soil due to washing out by water and protects underground water resources.
  • It regulates the pH value of the soil, provides the grass to remain fresh and green.
  • Cim besini (grass nutrient) product contributes to water saving.

When preparing the area where the new grass is to planted, 4 – 5 kg CIM BESINI (grass nutrient) per 1 m² is mixed with soil to a depth where the grass roots adhere to (14 cm). CIM BESINI (grass nutrient) is supplied for sale in 5 - 10 - 25 kg PP packages. In already sown areas, it is applied by dispersing onto the area in mention.